The Team


Our journey began in 2011 when we joined forces to create Brilliant Events. With a shared passion for excellence, we set out to exceed our clients' expectations by crafting high-profile and exclusive luxury weddings, particularly destination weddings and events production in Italy.


Born in the Veneto region, Laura has always had a deep connection to this enchanting country. She fell in love with the allure of Venice and the elegance of historical palaces, inspiring her to become a dream maker. Linda, on the other hand, discovered her passion through the world of the web, where we developed a luxurious experience for couples worldwide seeking to marry in Venice.

Our hard work and dedication have paid off, as Brilliant Events has become synonymous with professionalism, international clientele, and memorable luxury weddings and event productions. We are proud to have gained an outstanding reputation, collaborating with the finest hotels and historical villas in Italy.

But none of this would be possible without our incredible team.

Comprising five talented event planners and four on-site event coordinators, our team shares the same values of self-motivation, perseverance, attention to detail, collaboration, continuous learning, and a positive attitude. We take immense pride in our dedicated and strong women's team, who bring creativity and expertise to every project we undertake.



At Brilliant Events, our aim is to create personalized and unique experiences that perfectly reflect the style, vision, and personality of our clients.

Each event we produce is tailored to their desires, ensuring an unforgettable celebration that exceeds their wildest dreams.

We are incredibly grateful for the journey we've been on, and we look forward to continuing to deliver unparalleled luxury weddings and events production throughout Italy. With the passion, energy, and creativity of our amazing team, Brilliant Events will always be the key to making your special day truly exceptional and unforgettable.